Istanbul embraces two continents, one arm reaching out to Asia, the other to Europe. Trough city's heart, the Bosphorus Strait, course the waters of the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn.

Today Istanbul honors and preserves the legacy of its past as the former capital of three successive empires the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman while looking forward to its modern future.

Indeed, it is Istanbuls variety that fascinates its visitors. The museums, castles, palaces, great mosques, bazaars and the sights of naturel beauty seem inexhaustible.

As you recline on the shores of the Bosphorus at sunset contemplating the red evening light reflected in the windows on the opposite shore you understand, suddenly and profoundly, why so many centuries ago settlers chose to build on this remarkable site.



At times such as these, you feel that Istanbul is truly one of the most glorious cities in the world...

 Distance Name  Meter/Km
  Ataturk Airport  15km
  Tram Station  150m
  Bus Station  100m
  Topkapi Palace  1km
  Blue Mosque  1km
  St.Sophia  1km
  Grand Bazaar  500m
  Fatih Mosque  200m
  Ferry Station  500m
  Sabiha Gokcen Airport  55km
  Gulhane Park  1,5km
  Islamic Art Museum  1,5km
  Marmaray  500m
  Metro Station  100m
  Suleymaniye Mosque  200m
  CNR World Trade Center  15km
  Hippodrome  1km
  Spice Bazaar  600m
  Istanbul Aquarium  17km